The Real Coach Carter

The Coach Carter Experience is simple. 

Real Solutions. For Real People. With Real Problems. 

Success Uncomplicated

Positive Self-Image

All of the aptitude in the world will avail you not if you don't have the right attitude to back it up. Whether as a coach, a keynote speaker or a workshop leader, I cut through the crap that limits you from reaching the best version of a better life.    

Face Your Fears

No one has ever achieved success without having to confront their deepest fears. Perhaps the deepest fear for every person is fear of failure. No one is fearless, but winners have something that separates them from the crowd. It's called courage.

12 Steps To Success

As an award-winning speaker and coach, I will bring new life, awareness and connection to your next event. Doesn't matter how big or small, workshop or conference we can design the perfect fit that is the right solution for you.

Check out this great video of Arian Simone & how Coach Carter changed her life.


Embrace the Future

Arian Simone, Celebrity Publicist,

From homeless to Hollywood" is the real life story of her rise from being homeless and sleeping in her car to transforming into a PR guru after Coach Ken Carter found her sleeping in her office and decided to give her a shot on his film. 

The Real Connection

Since playing for Carter 20 years ago, Wayne Oliver has played on the international pro basketball arena."I’ve played in Japan, China, Dubai, Egypt, Canada, Mexico," he said. "I’ve been all over."Oliver retired a couple of years ago, and recently, he launched the second chapter of his career. Now working with Coach Carter on the motivational speaking.

Embrace Change

Mark Jones is a field reporter and director of documentaries. Covering the story and interviews for Coach Carter was life changing, not only did he get to handle the exclusive interview for coach he was one of the actors in Coach Carter. Recently he just covered the 19 year Coach Carter Team Reunion.

Coach Carter, Wayne Oliver, shot & edited by Mark Jones

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The Real Coach Carter


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